Requirements for inscription into the Special Register of SPTO Industrial Property Agents

In accordance with the regulations of the profession of Industrial Property Agent, to register in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office's Special Register of Industrial Property Agents you must:

  • Be a Spanish or national of a Member State of the European Union. Be an adult and have a professional office in Spain or in a Member State of the European Union.
  • Not have been tried for or found guilty of any wilful offences, unless rehabilitated.
  • Hold an official Graduate, Architect or Engineer's degree, issued by a university vice-chancellor or other official qualifications that are legally equivalent to the former.
  • Pass an aptitude examination accrediting you possess the knowledge required for professional activity as an Industrial Property Agent as determined in articles 59, 60 and 61 of the Regulation for the Implementation of the Patent Act (Ejecución de la Ley de Patentes).
    The notice for the examination will be published in advance in the Boletín Oficial del Estado (Spanish Official Gazette) and on the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office web page.
  • Lastly, when all the aforementioned requirements have been met, you will have to post a bond in favour of the Director of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and take out civil liability insurance cover up to the limits determined in the Regulation.

In accordance with Royal Decree 278/2000, of 25 February, by which the Statutes of the Official Society of Industrial Property Agents were approved, it is obligatory to become a member of the Society in order to exercise the profession.

Satisfactory fulfilment of the requirements shall be accredited to the office by the presentation of the documentation established in the Regulations for the Implementation of the Patent Act.