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Who can advise and help me with procedures? Does the SPTO have staff who do this?

Submitting and processing industrial property rights can be done directly by the applicant or through a representative.

This representative normally is an Industrial Property Agency and must hold a masters-level university degree and pass a rigorous competence test given by the SPTO. In addition, agents must deposit a special surety with the SPTO, contract a civil liability insurance policy and register with the Official College of Industrial Property Agents.

SPTO staff does not have staff to assist you with filling out all the application documents, but it can help and advise on certain aspects of the forms and has published rules that applicants may find useful.

Puede contactarnos a través del teléfono y correo electrónico de información general:

Tfno: 910 780 780

Correo electrónico:

Si es una PYME, puede también utilizar el servicio específico de atención a la empresa:

Correo electrónico:

Tfno: 91 349 54 49/91 349 55 50

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