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What happens if I present an invention at an official trade fair?

Because Industrial property laws stipulate that inventions must be novel, for either patents or utility models, if an invention is exhibited in an official exhibition and an application for a patent or utility model is subsequently made, it may not be granted due to the lack of novelty.

Under Spanish and European legislation, an exception is made for dissemination in officially recognised exhibitions during the six months prior to an application for a Patent or Utility Model (6 months prior to the submission date). In this case an official certificate can be requested which is later presented with the application for the corresponding Industrial Property right, which will prevent any claims of lack of novelty from being made.

However, the definition of “official exhibition” varies between different countries/regions, and is particularly strict in the case of the European Patent Office. The number of trade fairs and exhibitions officially recognised by the European Patent Office, in accordance with article 55.b of the European Patent Convention, is published annually in the fourth edition of their Official Magazine and is very limited.

Therefore, if you wish to extend protection to other countries, taking into account the above, it is recommended that you do not exhibit the invention at a trade fair before submitting the application.

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