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Is applying for a patent expensive?

The approximate costs up to the moment a patent is granted are as follows (2015) (in order to see the exact figures please consult the relevant section):

National patent in Spain without Preliminary Examination



National patent in Spain with Preliminary Examination



Europe (2015 status) (not including validation and translation costs)



Europe (2015 status) (not including validation and translation costs in 11 countries)

Approx. €40,000


International Patent (International phase without Preliminary Examination)



The amounts shown for a national patent include a Report on the State of the Art made by an expert in the field of the invention claimed and any correction of faults in the application. This report is preceded by an exhaustive search in a document archive that contains more than 90 million documents from 70 different countries and a diagnosis of the novelty of the requested patent.

The cost of the European patent in the first case refers to the costs of processing an average application, not including validation and translation costs. In the second case, it refers to an application for protection in 11 states and includes the costs for processing, validation and translation into the language of those states. Some 39% of costs are related to translations.

The average cost in euros for the PCT international procedure, which is a preliminary procedure for presenting patent applications in up to 148 countries (2015) does not include national fees, which are fixed by the respective patent offices and payment of which is required for the invention to be protected in the designated countries. It only includes the international phase which will be continued by the national recognition phase from country to country after payment of the relevant fees.

The costs described do not include payments to Industrial Property Agents.

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