International Designs

What is International Registration of Industrial Designs?

An Industrial Design may be protected by a system of International Registration of Industrial Designs for countries party to the Hague Agreement, comprising the Acts of 1934, 1960, 1967, Geneva Protocol of 1975 and the Geneva Act of 1999.

International Registration may also be requested in order to protect a design in the European Union using this route (see list of members of the Hague Agreement on the WIPO web site: The system cannot be used to protect international designs in non-member countries.

Advantages of the system

With the Hague Agreement, a series of procedures, such as formal examination and publication, are simplified with the aim of obtaining registration in all member countries with the same rights and obligations afforded to a national design.

Protection in a large number of countries can be obtained with a single application in a single language and after payment of a single fee in Swiss francs. In addition to this protection, it is possible to subsequently extend it to other countries party to the system at any time be means of a territorial extension application. It should also be noted that the International Registration of Industrial Designs is easier to deal with than the various national design registers, both for renewal and changes of title holder or representative. In short, it is easier to obtain protection in other countries and to manage that protection in the future.

How to apply for International Design Registration?

Individuals or legal entities of Spanish nationality or with their residence in Spain or with a real and active industrial or commercial establishment in Spain can apply through the SPTO for International Design Registration.

If an application for International Design registration is made through the SPTO, it will carry a transmission fee in addition to the fees that must be paid to the International Office.

Application forms

In order to present an application for International Design, you must attach a form (see Forms on the WIPO website

If you want to view the fees applicable, go to the page

Duration of the protection

International Registration is valid for an initial period of five years as from the date of registration. The registration can be renewed for additional periods of five years until the period established by the legislation of each Contracting Party has expired.

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