Volume I. Trademarks and Other Distinctive Signs


Volume I of the daily publication of the Spanish Official Industrial Property Gazette.

It contains the following:

  • Trademark applications.
  • Trademarks suspensions, with reference to their cause.
  • All rulings affecting trademarks: awards, rejections, application cancellation, expiries and renewals.
  • Extensions granted and rejected.
  • Rulings on international trademarks.
  • Transfers/assignments.
  • Administrative appeals for reversal.
  • Judicial review appeals, court rulings and compliance with judgements.
  • International treaties and agreements.
  • Indices alphabetically ordered and by international trademark classification of the applications and granting of trademarks.

The same information contained for trademarks appears in this publication for the case of trade names and business signs applied for or awarded during the period in question.

In all previous cases, information on dates, causes, names, file numbers, etc., appear, which make it very easy to locate the document in question.


It allows the legal-administrative procedure of the registration of trademarks, trade names and business signs to be fully monitored, which enables the user:

  • To stay up to date with the trademarks and other distinctive signs protected.
  • To study the problems of protecting trademarks and other distinctive signs arising from applicants.
  • To stay up to date with the situation of applicants of trademarks and other distinctive signs to find out the marketing and advertising trends, or to control the security of the protection of one's own distinctive signs.

How to apply

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