Terms of Service

National trademarks, European Union trade mark (with legal effects in all European Union members states) and international trademarks specifying Spain as a designated country are all valid in Spain.

Users can use this service to obtain information on the national and international trademarks, trade names and business signs that are currently in forceand which meet the search criteria specified using either of the two search options (Simple or Advanced).

A simple search will return all trademarks, commercial names and signs with a name that contains the string of characters entered in the search field.

The advanced search option can be used to specify whether the returned results should contain, match or begin with the search string entered and to select the category and Nice Classification of Goods and Services class under which the signs have been registered.Especially for cases of signs that contain only graphics (no name), there is also an option to search by the Vienna Classification of Figurative Elements class.

Searches on both international classification systems can be performed on the same page, showing the corresponding results for the term entered, the product and service class or the figurative element class.

Numeric searches can also be performed for distinctive signs that are no longer in force.

All three search options are free of charge.

What data does the search provide?  

Firstly, the system indicates the total number of signs returned for both the national and international options and for the specified classes. It then shows a list of the applications or records found, sorted in ascending order by registration category and file number.Rejected, cancelled or expired records will not be included. The following information will be displayed for each record or application:

    • Registration category (trademark = M; trade name = N; business sign = R; international trademark = H)
    • Application or record number
    • Distinctive sign and type (denominative, denominative with graphics, graphics only).
    • Nice Classification classes for those requested or recorded.

By clicking on the name of the trademark, trade name or sign, users are then able to expand the information and display the following data:

    • Name of the application or record.
    • Application or record number.
    • Application or record registration holder.
    • Type of distinctive sign.
    • Status (in force or processing, indicating the most recent relevant process).
    • Date of publication in the Spanish Official Industrial Property Gazette or date of the relevant process specified in the previous paragraph.
    • Nice class(es) under which the trademark is requested or registered.
    • Picture of the trademark's distinctive sign for cases where it is not strictly denominative.
    •  List of products/services for which the trademark in question has been requested or recorded, sorted by class.For cases of partial grants or restrictions on products or services, the information displayed will include the classes requested, those granted, those rejected and those granted with restrictions, with an indication of the products/services for which they have been granted.

How can you get more detailed information?  

If, after performing the search and consulting the basic file data, you wish to see all registration data for the applications or records returned, you can go to the “Search by file number” tab or to "File status". You can also call us on 902 157 530 or visit our offices at Paseo de la Castellana, 75 28071 Madrid. This information can also be viewed free of charge (unprinted).

For all enquiries, please contact: Informacion@oepm.es

For further information on the status and registration data of community trademarks, go to the website of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (https://euipo.europa.eu/ohimportal/es/)