STRATEGIC PLAN 2017-2020 on Intellectual Property

This new Strategic Plan 2017-2020 has been drafted by SPTO to drive innovation and economic growth in Spain, by making Intellectual Property a part of Spanish business culture and society.

This ambitious four-year plan is designed to raise awareness of the benefits available to Spanish companies and entrepreneurs that make strategic use of protection of intangible assets by registering Intellectual Property rights and increasing the number of IP registrations; for which it must facilitate access and the way of registering those rights and access to free databases. They will also continue to implement new programmes and to create tools that will drive analysis and incorporation of IP in an easy, integrated way in overall business strategies, new actions to encourage observance of owners’ rights and to significantly increase the profile of the SPTO in international forums.

To do all this, four strategic lines of action have been established with a set of 27 measures which are going to be regularly controlled, measured and revised to ensure 100% compliance.