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Medium-low pressure air energy storage type offshore wind power generation system

NºPublicación: CN210371024U 21/04/2020



Resumen de: CN210371024U

The utility model discloses a medium-low pressure air energy storage type offshore wind power generation system. The system comprises a wind driven generator, a floating platform, a fixed mooring rope, an air turbine, an air compressor, an air compressor inlet and outlet pipeline, a horizontal pipeline, an underwater pipeline, an air bag, a turbine inlet and outlet pipeline, a shut-off valve and afan cable. According to the technical scheme, the air compressor, the air turbine and the underwater air storage air bag are arranged on the floating platform. Excessive electric energy generated byoffshore wind power is converted into compressed gas energy; sTORAGE INTO AN UNDERWATER AIRBAG, when the electric energy generated by offshore wind power is insufficient or cannot be generated; compressed air in the underwater air bag is used for pushing the air turbine to do work, air compression energy is converted into electric energy, the electric energy is provided for a power grid, the offshore wind turbine generator has certain power adjusting capacity, and the problem that impact on the power grid is caused due to the fact that existing offshore wind power fluctuation is too large is solved. Meanwhile, the air bag is adopted to reduce cost, and land space is not occupied.


Intelligent flexible variable-pitch device of wind driven generator

Nº publicación: CN210343588U 17/04/2020



Resumen de: CN210343588U

The utility model discloses an intelligent flexible variable pitch device of a wind driven generator. The paddle comprises a paddle body, a hub is connected to the outer side of the paddle body, a control cabinet is installed in the hub, a rotating speed sensing unit is connected to the inner side of the control cabinet, a connecting base is installed between the paddle body and the hub, a rotating shaft is connected to the inner side of the connecting base, a movable plate is installed on one side of the rotating shaft, and a reset mechanism is connected to one side of the movable plate. According to the utility model, under the action of a reset mechanism; when the wind power is slightly reduced; the second spring extrudes the inner rod to extend outwards in the outer rod; therefore, thearc-shaped groove of the connecting block connected with the outer rod extrudes the conical rod to move outwards; the connecting rod connected with the conical rod moves in the direction of the fixedouter rod, the movable inner rod connected with the connecting rod retracts into the fixed outer rod, then the connecting rod extrudes the first spring, the first spring extrudes the sliding ring andthe floating plate to reset, and therefore the automatic reset function of the paddle is achieved.


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