World Anti-Counterfeiting Day

Yo soy original

On 2 June 2015, under the slogan “ANTE LAS FALSIFICACIONES, NO SEAS CÓMPLICE”, (Don’t be complicit in counterfeiting) the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO) and the National Association for the Defence of Trademarks (ANDEMA) launched an awareness campaign on the reality behind the counterfeiting problem and the harm it can cause.

This campaign aims to make Spanish society aware of the negative consequences of consuming counterfeit products and of the circumstances behind this criminal phenomenon, through the different sectors that fall victim to counterfeiting.

The campaign uses specific messages and consequences resulting from the consumption of counterfeit products, for example: Loss of JOBS AND BUSINESSES, MAFIAS AND CRIMINAL GROUPS, IRRESPONSIBILITY OF THE CONSUMER, HEALTH RISKS TO CONSUMERS.

The campaign includes:

  • A documentary video, which tells the true story of Ousmane Seck, a Senegalese citizen currently living in Torrevieja, who stayed in Spain illegally in 2009. It recounts his experience of living immersed in the illegal trade of counterfeit products in Spain’s underground top manta economy, everything surrounding this world and how he managed to escape this world with the help of the NGO ASILA in Torrevieja.
  • Different information materials (information leaflets, posters, banners, etc.) on the reality of the current problem the consumption of counterfeit products, which are distributed both physically and online. The campaign will also be disseminated through different external publicity media, such as on BUS no. 147 (Pza. Callao - Barrio del Pilar) operated by EMT in Madrid and on one of the tourist buses that covers the main shopping and tourist areas of Madrid, both in June 2015.

The campaign content will be disseminated through the portal and on the social media accounts of the entities promoting the campaign: @YoSoyOriginal_ (Twitter), Yo Soy Original (Facebook) @OEPM_es (Twitter), Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO) on Facebook, SPTO channel on YouTube and @andema_es (Twitter) that use two hashtags / #

#stopfalsificaciones (permanent hashtag)

#NoSeasComplice (hashtag relating to the campaign)

Campaign material

Institutions and Brands supporting the campaign

Campaign in English

Article: No seas Cómplice (Don’t be complicit)