Industrial Property Diagnostic Service of the SPTO (IPScan)

What is the Industrial Property Diagnostic service (IPScan)?

Industrial Property Diagnostic Service of the SPTO (IPScan)

The Industrial Property diagnostic service (IPScan) is an assistance service for companies provided by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office O.A. (SPTO) that aims to bring Industrial Property (IP) closer to those innovative SMEs and business units that do not use Industrial Property Rights (IPR) or do not use them effectively.


The scope of this service does not include strategic business consultancy or legal or procedural advice on specific Intellectual-Industrial Property issues/rights.



Objectives of the service:

  • To increase the knowledge and understanding of Industrial Property Rights (IPR) by the business community, promoting their proper use.
  • To show the importance of an adequate IPR management so that the company can define an effective action plan based on the recommendations included in the report and make strategic decisions for the future.

How is the service performed?

  • By means of the evaluation of the different options offered by IP and that the company can integrate in its business plan taking into account all the parameters intrinsic to the nature of the company itself.
  • All aspects of Industrial Property are taken into account, both related to protection as well as those related to promoting their value: patents and utility models, trademarks and trade names, industrial designs, contracts, licences, documentary research, technology transfer, etc.

Who can apply for the service?

Any company, innovative SME or business unit that does not use Industrial Property Rights (IPR) or does not use them effectively.

Steps to follow for the realisation of the service:


Prior research of the company by SPTO experts, compiling all publicly available information: type of company, sector, turnover, competitors, registered IP rights, etc.


Meeting at the company’s headquarters or virtual visit if health conditions do not permit the former, to analyse the current state of the management of intangible assets, with the participation of the company’s executives. The objective of the interview is to understand the basic lines of the business, weaknesses, strengths, competitive advantages, state of the market and to delve into the situation of its IP registrations, etc. (Estimated time: 4 hours)


Prepared by experts from the SPTO, it includes recommendations for the company to develop an effective IP strategy, as well as annexes with interesting information for the company.

In order to guarantee its objectivity and quality, the report is prepared and reviewed by different experts from the SPTO. The report is sent by secure means and the company will be assisted in its interpretation.


After one year of the report submission, the company will be contacted to know the measures and recommendations reflected in the report that have been implemented and the associated commercial success.

How to request the Industrial Property Diagnostic service:

The company interested in having the SPTO experts carry out the service must fill in the request form and send it by e-mail to

Once the form has been received and analysed, a letter of payment will be sent to the company for payment.

Process of requesting and carrying out the service:



 Industrial Property Diagnostic Service of the SPTO (IPScan)



Cost of the service:

The price of the Industrial Property Diagnostic service is € 894.70 + VAT.

Request form

Access to the form

Deductions for SMEs in the European Union:

During 2021, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) will offer subsidies of 75% of the cost of the service to Spanish SMEs through the management of a Grant Fund endowed with EUR 20 million Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund.

This subsidy provided by the EUIPO must be requested before requesting the Industrial Property Diagnostic service from the SPTO.

Free online tool to know a basic and previous diagnosis on Industrial Property

With the tool offered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on a previous "IP diagnosis", SMEs and entrepreneurs will be able to carry out a basic diagnosis of the situation of their company in terms of Intellectual Property (IP).

It consists of questionnaires with several sections asking questions on different IP-related topics (e.g. innovative products, trademarks, licensing, designs, internationalization, etc.). A report with recommendations is offered at the end.

Free access to the tool

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