General guidelines for filling out forms

In order to make procedures with the Office easier for users, the SPTO offers the alternative of using the forms available on the Internet, which will be accepted as valid as indicated in the Instruction of 24-03-98. These forms are in Adobe PDF format (Portable Document Format) and can be filled out directly, i.e. without the need to print them first and then fill them out.

To do so, you must have a reader like the Adobe® Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet, installed on your computer.

If you want to fill out the form using a web browser, an Adobe Acrobat "plug-in" will be activated from your browser when you bring up a form by clicking its link. This will display the first page of the form.

You do not need to connect to the Internet every time you want to fill out a form. You can save the PDF file and fill it out using Acrobat Reader when you choose. In all cases, we recommend you stay up-to-date with improvements in the new versions of the forms.

There are several boxes that Acrobat Reader will not allow you to fill in. This is because they are reserved.

You can find the steps to follow for filling out forms in the attached pdf.