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How do I apply for an industrial property right?

The documents needed to request protection of industrial property rights vary by category. Generally speaking, the minimum information required for obtaining a submission date is the following:

- An express or implicit statement that the rights are being requested.

- Information identifying the applicant.

- In the case of patents and utility models, a description.

- In the case of distinctive signs and industrial design, a copy of the distinctive sign or the industrial design, along with an indication of the products to which it will be applied.

The application will be assigned a submission date, hour and minute, and a number that identifies the case file, which will never change.

In the event of any irregularity that prevents a submission date from being assigned, the applicant will be notified to enable correction of the defect within the timeframe established by law for each industrial property category. In this case, the submission date will be the date the correction document is received. If no correction is received, the application process will be considered withdrawn.

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