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Can the same distinctive sign be registered under all the following headings: trademark, corporate name and domain name?

It is common for companies to choose a name and protect it as a trademark, trade name, corporate name and domain name in order to concentrate their efforts and investments in publicity.

Identical or similar trade names and corporate names belonging to different businesses working in different business areas can coexist on the register, so long as there is no risk of error or confusion. It is not possible to register a corporate name that is identical to another already registered, even though the commercial activity is different. Neither is it possible to register a domain name that coincides with another previously registered name, whatever activity may be carried out using either of them.

Trademarks and trade names are registered with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office; corporate names in the Central Mercantile Registry; and ".es" domain names with the public business entity, where the Directorate of Internet Domain Names is based, also known as ESNIC. There are therefore THREE DIFFERENT REGISTRIES for registering these important identifying signs for companies.

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