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The registered trademark symbol

In Spain, rights to a trademark are acquired by means of registration. The use of the R (registered), MR (registered trademark) or TM (trademark) symbols is not mandatory and does not provide greater legal protection. However, the use of these symbols may serve to advise that a certain sign is a trademark and thereby dissuade possible offenders and counterfeiters.

The R and MR symbols are used once the trademark has been registered, whereas TM denotes that a certain sign is a trademark.

In Spain, when indicating that a sign is a trademark, it is better to use R for registered or MR for registered trademark (generally not commonly used).

The "copyright" symbol is something completely different to the R for registered. Intellectual property rights and the consequent copyrights generated are not acquired by means of registration, but by means of the creation and public dissemination of the intellectual property in question. The competent body for such cases is the Intellectual Property Registry and the copyright symbol advises of the protection granted to the intellectual creation.

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