Before applying for a trademark or trade name

  • It is convenient to ensure that it is not previously registered in order to avoid unnecessary costs and procedures. To do this you can consult, in the case of a name, the Distinctive Sign look-up on this Organisation's website and carry out the appropriate search. If, as a result of the search, you find a prior registration with a name identical to the one you wish to register and which is designed to distinguish identical or similar products, you should bear in mind that if the prior holder opposes, your application may be refused.
  • If you do not find an identical sign, it is recommended that you request a search for phonetically similar prior applications or rights (FOR MORE INFORMATION: 902 157 530 / 910 780 780; E-mail:, as the Distinctive Signs look-up does not perform these types of searches and the holders of earlier signs that are similar have the right to contest your application. This is a service carried out by this Office upon payment of a fee.