Strategic Plan of the SPTO 2021-2024


The Strategic Plan of the OEPM 2021-2024 (hereinafter SP 2021-2024) is the letter of presentation of the OEPM, as a national and international industrial property organization, and provides the action plan necessary to achieve the five general goals established in the same, and thus allow the fulfillment of the Mission and the scope of the Vision of the office.

Our SP 2021-2024 is designed so that the OEPM contributes to the sustainable economic development and technological progress of Spanish society, promoting innovation, creativity and knowledge in the public and private sectors, through a strategic and intelligent use of Property Industrial. All this, being a useful and proactive office, close to users, with committed specialists, excellent in its operation, at the forefront of services and technology, as well as open to cooperation and internationally recognised.

Our SP 2021-2024 has been developed in a collaborative manner. The participation of all the departments of the OEPM and the contributions of stakeholders and the general public, have allowed us to obtain a Plan that strengthens the organization, allowing it to take advantage of the opportunities of the environment, preparing it to face difficulties and unforeseen events, and always ensuring the quality of its services.

The Plan has been focused on the following 5 general goals which, in turn, are broken down into 14 strategies and, these strategies, into a total of 51 projects:

  • General Goal 1. To promote a strategic use of Industrial Propertyv (3 strategies y 13 projects).
  • General Goal 2. To promote research, development and technology transfer (3 strategies y 8 projects).
  • General Goal 3. To contribute to the international multilevel governance of Industrial Property (2 strategies y 7 projects).
  • General Goal 4. To promote the fight against counterfeiting and the infringement of Industrial Property rights (2 strategies y 8 projects).
  • General Goal 5. To move towards a more people-centred, sustainable, digital, innovative, transparent and efficient OEPM (4 strategies y 15 projects).

SP 2021-2024 will be implemented through the corresponding Annual Operational Plans, For each year, the Annual Operational Plan will collect the specific projects and activities to be executed in the current year, and the specific results or effects to be achieved.