InnoEscuela Programme

InnoEscuela is an educational programme developed by Technology teachers and managed by the Cotec Foundation, with the support of the National Centre for Innovation and Educational Research of the Secretariat of State of Education, Vocational Training and Universities of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD) of the Spanish Government.

The InnoEscuela programme attempts to apply a new structure and perspective in the Technology subject in all years of secondary school (ESO), with an approach that, while scrupulously respecting the official curriculum in force, enables the student to practice creating Value and generating Profits, and to experience the Entrepreneurial Spirit. To do this, InnoEscuela unfolds in various phases: a first phase for design of the idea; a second phase of manufacturing and implementation, and a final phase of promotion and protection of the innovative product through industrial or intellectual property.

In this last phase, InnoEscuela includes the participation of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO), which not only advised in the development of the modules on ways of linking ownership of an innovation to its creators but also offers the possibility of asking secondary school technology teachers for an Industrial and Intellectual Property workshop.

All the resources and materials of the programme are available on the InnoEscuela platform, which allows both students and teachers to work interactively in each stage of the course. This can be accessed with a user name and password at Acceso a la Plataforma Innoescuela.