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Development of PCT in Latin America and the Caribbean

The city of Lima (Peru) has hosted the Regional Seminar on the Patents Cooperation Treaty (PCT), organised by INDECOPI, WIPO and the OEPM.

WIPO services and initiatives

'WIPO Services and Initiatives' are a meetings based on the study of international systems for Industrial Property protection and the tools, platforms and data bases made available by WIPO for any interested parties.

News of the OEPM

Sign of new cooperation Agreements to promote knowledge of Industrial Property.

Fight against counterfeiting

In order to promote the creative capacity of designers and entrepreneurs, ANDEMA and the OPEM launched a competition to find the best poster design based on an original slogan relating to the fight against counterfeiting.




Development of PCT in Latin America and the Caribbean
WIPO services and initiatives
News of the OEPM
Fight against counterfeiting


15-16 August

Seminar on Intellectual Property and Innovation. New possibilities for Latin American entrepreneurs in Europe

9-13 September

7th Transatlantic IP Summer Academy

17-20 September

27th MARQUES Annual Conference

19-20 September

International workshop on Patents and how they relate to Innovation and R&D

30 September

Meeting for study and update on patents (Patent Mondays),  Barcelona

1-4 October

SIndustry Summit 2013 – 16th International Trade Fair on Sub-Contracting and Inter-enterprise Cooperation

21 October

Seminar: How to Design R&D Contracts in Practice

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