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Becoming SPTO employee: Call for the 2017 selection process

As we predicted in our September number, the call that would give you the chance to join the SPTO professional team (Escala de Titulados Superiores del MITC, on IP specialty) has just been published at the Official State Gazette. The SPTO performs the receipt, study and concession of the various IP sorts recognised in Spain. Would you like to work side by side with us?

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Guidelines for Utility Models (Law 24/2015)

The bureaucratic process is always hard and even the most simple paperwork ends in a big headache. Sometimes public administration seems to speak a different language full of technical terms that cannot be understood by an ordinary mortal. At the SPTO we are resolved to make your life easier. It sounds good, doesn't it?

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'Art Connecting' exhibition will show several SPTO employees artworks

It is often said that everyone hides an artist. At the SPTO we count with some truly skilled painters in our staff. If you think that we exaggerate you can see it by yourself at the exhibition 'Art Connecting', that will take place in Vienna from November 30th 2017 to March 2018.

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November highlighted activities at the SPTO

‘A teacher job does not consist so much on teaching pupils all that can be learned but on producing love and esteem for knowledge’. This sentence from John Locke illustrates perfectly one of our basic aims: cultural dissemination.

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madri+d award to the Best Patent

madri+d awards have been rewarding the effort on the researching work for more than a decade. This was their XII Annual and as usual a SPTO representative was part of the jury at Best Patent category.

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New Technology Alert for battery storage

The Cross-platform Storage Workgroup (GIA) and the SPTO propelled the creation of a new Technology Alert for battery storage due to the interest aroused by energy innovations.

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Blog - Highlighted entry

Patents and railway security: 'Dead-man's vigilance device'

'Dead-man's vigilance device' is a railway jargon term referred to a railway vehicles security device that produces an emergency braking which stops the train when necessary.

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Requests made during October 2017

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Trade Names
Trade Marks

Outstanding events


II World Invention and Innovation Forum

Guangdong (China) - November 28th - 30th 2017

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EPO Seminar ‘IP protection for inventions on the vegetable varieties sector’

Brussels - November 29th 2017

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