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July 2021 | Bulletin num.135 | Subscribe
NIPO: 088-17-040-8

New form of payment of OEPM fees at la Caixa ATMs

Without a doubt, ATMs are a part of our day to day. Therefore, and to facilitate the lives of our users, from June 29, 2021, the payment of the fees of all forms of industrial property can be made through ATMs.

This improvement will allow the realization of payments 24/7, eliminating dependence on the opening hours of the bank's offices. Said payments may be made by using a credit or debit card (VISA or Mastercard) or cash at ATMs that have a cash reception system.

In order to access payment by ATM, it is necessary to print the new payment documents, available as before at the following link https://tramites2.oepm.es/gendocpag/

The following image shows an example of the payment document with the indication of the barcode that the cashier has to read or, failing that, the numerical code that appears below this barcode must be entered.

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