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The OEPM, in its desire to facilitate, promote, and stimulate the knowledge and use of Industrial Property Rights in the field of innovation and research, has signed two agreements. On the one hand, the agreement signed with the (CIEMAT) and on the other hand, the agreement signed with (DGIPYME) of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Spain to promote the Support Center for SMEs, (CEVIPYME), specifically, in matters of management of Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights.

Knowing about IP rights and providing its innovations with adequate protection through them, will allow CIEMAT to have a competitive advantage, which will also help to satisfy the requirement of international competitiveness. Innovation and its adequate protection are essential to achieve the transfer of research results and promote technological development and the quality of life of our society.

The collaboration of the OEPM with CIEMAT is very useful to both boost the competitiveness of the Spanish industry in the field of Energy and the Environment, as well as to contribute to Goal 9 of Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure of the Sustainable Development Goals (in English, SDGs and in Spanish, ODS) of the 2030 Agenda.

On the other hand, the agreement signed to promote CEVIPYME establishes the framework for collaboration between the three entities in order to carry out activities to promote, assist, and support companies in matters of Industrial Property.

The CEVIPYME support center was created in 2009 with the aim of guiding and assisting Small and Medium Enterprises, as well as their associations, business groups and representative corporations, on the most appropriate type of industrial protection according to the sector, type of company and on how to manage innovation, information regarding financing and aid, launching of business ideas, etc.

CEVIPYME has its own website www.cevipyme.es and a personalized information service for the management of Industrial Property Rights, such as patents, trademarks and industrial designs.

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BOE nº 213 of August 7, 2020.

BOE nº 216 of August 11, 2020.

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