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NIPO: 116-19-035-2

First monitoring report of the 2022 Annual Operating Plan

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, O.A. (SPTO) continues to work on the 2022 Annual Operating Plan (POA 2022) of its 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.

The SPTO's 2021-2024 Strategic Plan has 5 general objectives which, in turn, are broken down into 14 strategies and, said strategies, into a total of 51 projects.

The 5 general objectives are the following:

  • General Objective 1. Promote a strategic use of Industrial Property (3 strategies and 13 projects).
  • General Objective 2. Promote research, development and technology transfer (3 strategies and 8 projects).
  • General Objective 3. Contribute to international multilevel governance of Industrial Property (2 strategies and 7 projects).
  • General Objective 4. Promote the fight against counterfeiting and infringement of Industrial Property rights (2 strategies and 8 projects).
  • General Objective 5. Advance towards a SPTO that is more focused on people, sustainable, digital, innovative, transparent and effective (4 strategies and 15 projects).

On September 15, the first monitoring report of the POA2022 was approved in the Monitoring Committee, during which 49 projects are being executed. Next, we can see the progress of the projects by objectives:

We currently find an average progress of 24% compared to the 32% planned, which represents very good progress for the SPTO.

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