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September 2021 | Bulletin num.136 | Subscribe
NIPO: 088-17-040-8

European cooperation: electronic signature of notifications of Designs of the Back Office system of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, O. A. (SPTO)

A problem faced by internet users in general and, therefore, by the users of the SPTO itself may be some sort of misleading communications and the lack of security in their transactions or activities through the network.

In order to alleviate these difficulties, and within the framework of the European Cooperation Projects of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, O.A. (SPTO), has completed the implementation of the electronic signature of notifications in the Back Office system for Designs.

Since August 17th, all the notifications related to Designs sent by the SPTO are electronically signed and accompanied by a Secure Verification Code on the side of the document that will allow verifying the authenticity of them.

This new development represents a great advance in the fight against fraudulent communications, avoiding phishing attempts and increasing security for users.

The ultimate purpose of these implementations, carried out within the framework of European cooperation projects, is to benefit users throughout the European Union through improvements to the tools and services made available to them.

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