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The CSIC pays a great tribute to Margarita Salas

Recently, The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) has dedicated a deserved tribute to the scientist and researcher Margarita Salas (1938-2019) for a lifetime of extraordinary contribution to science.

Margarita Salas, a disciple of the Nobel Prize winner Severo Ochoa, created her first research team in molecular genetics at the Center for Biological Research of the CSIC, where she developed the patent, ES2103741T, entitled "DNA synthesis reactions (in vitro) that they employ modified Phi 29 DNA polymerase and a DNA fragment encoding said polymerase ". This patent is used in forensic medicine, oncology and archeology, and is currently the most profitable patent of those presented by the CSIC. Throughout her professional career, Margarita Salas received many national and international awards in recognition of her magnificent scientific work, among which are: The Mendel Medal, Rey Jaime I Award, Ramón y Cajal National Award, L 'Oreal Unesco Award and The Echegaray Medal.

The conference organized by the CSIC was chaired by the Minister of Science and Innovation, and the president of the CSIC.

Likewise, personalities from the 20th century scientific community participated in the event and also, the director of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, O.A. (OEPM) attended.

Margarita, thank you for your wonderful contributions to science!

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