The SPTO says goodbye to paper with the use of dynamic PDF forms

The objective of the Strategic IT Renovation Plan (SPTO 2.0) is that of maximizing the ease of managing internal procedures and offering individuals improved service which mainly entails complying with Electronic Access Law 11/2007 for Citizens accessing Public Services, which enters into law on January 1, 2010.

Arbitration and Industrial Property

The symposium “Arbitration in the Area of Industrial Property” was held at the SPTO headquarters on October 20 th.


The SPTO at the 9th Madrid Science Week

The Community of Madrid, through the General Management of Universities and Research and the Madri+d Foundation, is organizing the ninth annual Madrid Science Week that runs from November 9 to 22 and coincides with the European celebration of the Year of Creativity and Innovation.

Simplifying the International Registration System for Industrial Designs

The international registration system for industrial designs (The Hague Agreement), allows for the protection of industrial designs in several countries by means of presenting one single application (in one single language, with standardized fees and in one single currency: the Swiss franc).



Requests realized during October
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General Management Support Unit.
Statistics and Studies Service




November 19-20: International Conference: Commercial innovation within the Current International Business Climate
November 23-24: Tecnichal Conference on Innovation, Patents and Trademarks within Industries in the Canary Islands
November 25-27: Egética Expo-Energética.
November 27: Workshop: Protect Your Ideas - Lecturing with the Patent Teaching Kit
November 30 : Conference on Studying and Updating Patent Material (Patent Monday)
December 10-11: Conference: Online Services Offered by the European Patent Office (EPO)
December 10: Registration of .eu domains with specif ic and multi-language characters (such as the ñ from the Spanish languaje)


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