In April 2010, coinciding with the Spanish Presidency of the European Union, the European Inventor Award 2010 ceremony is going to be held in Madrid.

The European Inventor Award represents the highest distinction conferred upon inventors at the global level.


Patents and Renewable Energies. Period 2000 - 2008

The growing importance of technology associated with Renewable Energies is reflected by the high number of information requests received by the SPTO on patents in this industry.


New field in the INVENES database: Complementary Protection Certificate (CPC)

The INVENES database for inventions and designs in Spanish contains bibliographical data from documents on Spanish Patent and Utility Models going back to 1930, including European Patents and Patents applied for via PCT designated to Spain which generates a document in Spanish.


SPTO visibility on the Internet

The SPTO, within its policy of publishing Industrial Property and its commitment to employing new technology, has adopted a series of incentives with the aim of increasing the visibility of the SPTO on the Internet.


On September 10, the Regional Workshop on Financial Sustainability and Fee Reform, organized by the European Patent Office (EPO), was held at the SPTO head offices.



Requests realized during July and August
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