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Becoming SPTO employee: Call for the 2017 selection process

Would you like to work with us?

As we predicted in our September number, the call that would give you the chance to join the SPTO professional team (Escala de Titulados Superiores del MITC, on IP specialty) has just been published at the Official State Gazette. The SPTO performs the receipt, study and concession of the various IP sorts recognised in Spain. Would you like to work side by side with us?

If so, you should know that the request presentation period has already been opened and it will be closed the following on December 12th. We advise you to undertake the processing as soon as possible. You can do it both online or in person using these links:

The 18 vacancies called are distributed on branches and areas as follows:

  • Technical Branch:
    • Mechanical area: three vacancies.
    • Electrical area: four vacancies.
    • IT area: two vacancies.
  • Legal Branch: nine vacancies.

The first test details will be specified at the middle of January, after the publication of the accepted and excluded challenger list. Certainly the test will take place before March 11th, probably at the second fortnight of February. We suggest you to be alert for our updatings!

Contact the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO)
Fax 91 349 55 97 902 157 530 información@oepm.es
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