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November 2017 | Bulletin num.94 | Subscribe
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New Technology Alert for battery storage

GIA and SPTO propel its creation

Energy is a precious item which is set to become a key factor to face the new challenges that our society has. The Cross-platform Storage Workgroup (GIA) and the SPTO propelled the creation of a new Technology Alert for battery storage due to the interest aroused by technological innovations in this field.

Technology on energy storage is being rising hugely because of two reasons: the exigence of portable solutions and the need of responses to the intermittence of renewable energies. This alert includes daily publications about patents on stockpile devices on stable facilities by means of batteries. We hope that it will become a reference point that will help professionals to drive this front as far as possible.

SPTO patent examiners have been carrying out the free technology watch services since 2002. These services include the twenty-one technology alerts published on our website together with the Technology Watch Bulletins – quarterly publications which compile the most outstanding patents.

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