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Today it is easier to reach young people with a YouTube video than with long days or other dissemination actions.




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The advantages of using the DAS system for national applications to the WIPO Digital Library

The Digital Access Service (DAS) of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is an electronic system that allows the secure exchange of priority documents and other similar documents between participating intellectual property (IP) offices. The system allows applicants and offices to meet the requirement set forth in the Paris Union Convention regarding certification in an electronic environment.



A year since the reform of the Trademark Law

Almost a year ago, (on January 14, 2019) the reform of Law 17/2001, on Trademarks, entered into force. The changes have been motivated by the need to transpose the latest Community Trademark Directive that aims to strengthen the internal market by creating a more uniform trademark registration system across the EU.



Renewal of the certificates of the Integrated Quality Management and Surveillance System of the SPTO

We already know that it is not right to fall into complacency, but, once again, we have to say that the quality of the work we do in the SPTO has been recognized.



Upcoming fairs with the participation of the SPTO

During the months of February and March the SPTO will attend 4 fairs where we encourage all those who wish to visit us and ask us any questions that may arise regarding industrial property and how to protect their innovations.


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El legado de los hermanos Millás Mossi, brillantes inventoresIr

Pocos nos paramos a pensar en las miles de herramientas que hacen nuestro día a día más sencillo: carreteras más transitables, electrodomésticos más prácticos, instituciones más estructuradas y salud más asequible. Miles de ideas e inventos, tras refinamiento y reflexión, pasan a formar parte de nuestras vidas hasta volverse una parte imprescindible.


Estadísticas  Requests made during December 2019


Sumario  Outstanding event


Jornada "La importancia de patentar" Ir

Barcelona - February 4th 2020

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GENERA, la Feria Internacional de Energía y Medio Ambiente Ir

Madrid - February 5th - 7th 2020

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XXXV Jornadas de Estudio sobre Propiedad Industrial e Intelectual Ir

Madrid - February 6th - 7th 2020

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Foro TRANSFIERE: 9º Foro Europeo para Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Ir

Málaga - February 12th - 13th 2020

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