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The CEVIpyme event shows that the competitiveness and survival of SMEs depend on good management and protection of their intangible assets

On February 9, the Support Center for SMEs and entrepreneurs for Innovation (CEVIpyme) organized a high-level event in which the highest representatives of the three institutions that collaborate in this agreement participated. Galo Gutiérrez, Director General of Industry and SMEs of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (MINCOTUR), Inmaculada Riera i Reñé, General Director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and José Antonio Gil Celedonio, Director of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, O.A. (SPTO).

At the event, the spirit by which CEVIpyme originated and which has served, throughout its almost 12 years of existence, as a point of information and personalized assistance for SMEs was recalled.

The event also featured a round table in which companies from various technological fields discussed and shared their business experiences and highlighted the importance of a strategy for the management and protection of their intangible assets for development and business success. Inspiring examples of companies such as Grupo Premo, represented by Ezequiel Navarro, Nabrawind, by Iñaki Alti and Scoobic, by José María Gómez. From the more institutional point of view, they had the participation of Cristina Amate, Head of the Department of Industrial Property of the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia (IDEA Agency). The IDEA Agency is an Andalusian Government’s agency that provides technological services to SMEs and entrepreneurs.

The round table was moderated by María Muñoz, the Director General for Support to SMEs from MINCOTUR.

You can watch the conference through our OEPM YouTube channel.

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