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Signing of OEPM Agreements with SUSCHEM-ESPAÑA and with BIOVEGEN

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, O.A. (SPTO) has signed agreements to facilitate, promote and stimulate the knowledge and use of Industrial Property (IP) rights. On the one hand, with the SusChem-Spain Sustainable Chemistry Innovation and Technology Platform (managed by Feique) and, on the other, with the Plant Biotechnology Technology Platform - BIOVEGEN.

The agreement signed by the SPTO with Suschem-Spain (BOE No. 49 Friday, February 26, 2021) is very relevant because it will allow to boost the competitiveness of the Spanish chemical industry in the field of protection of its innovative activity.

The agreement signed by the SPTO with BIOVEGEN (BOE No. 40 of February 16, 2021) will allow to boost the competitiveness of Spanish industry in the field of innovation and protection of the same in the field of plant production and agrobiotechnology.

In these two agreements, the SPTO, among other actions, undertakes to:

  • provide technical support for the training of professionals in the chemical sector in IP matters
  • support the documentation search processes, patentability studies, and patent applications
  • provide a direct information service
  • apply a 30% discount to the price of Patent Technology Reports (ITP) and Custom Technology Surveillance Reports as requested by companies and business associations affiliated with SusChem-Spain or BIOVEGEN.

For their part, both SusChem Spain and BIOVEGEN, undertake, among other actions, to:

  • publicize the importance and usefulness of IP
  • publicize the need to fight counterfeiting
  • not apply for a patent in any foreign country, in the case of inventions made by SusChem in Spain, or BIOVEGEN, before one month has elapsed since the patent (Spanish, European, PCT) was applied for before the SPTO. The SPTO will authorize, within one month, the presentation of a first application abroad when it considers that the invention is not of interest to national defense and its presentation abroad does not contravene the provisions of International Agreements on matters of Defense signed by Spain
  • support the SPTO in the training of technicians and managers in the sector, jointly organizing training sessions, courses and conferences.

Both agreements will have a duration of four years, extendable for another four, subject to the unanimous agreement of the parties.

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