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Industrial designs


Design is the external appearance of a product that makes it different from other products. It provides an added value, which is often the main reason for purchase, and is also an important commercial asset. Registering the design makes it possible to prevent third parties from using it without consent. Find out how here.


How to protect designs

Before registering your design, we recommend that you consult this information.


Applying for a design

The registration of a design is subject to a number of legal provisions. You should take into account the recommendations on how to apply.


What to do before applying?

Before applying for registration of your design, it is advisable to check whether there are other prior designs that may oppose registration.


Application process

We explain step by step the procedure from applying for the registration to granting or refusal.


Registration in other countries

If you want your creation to be protected outside Spain, consult this section.


Design management

Proper management of your design registration is an important factor in maintaining its value.

Maintenance and protection

The registration of an industrial design has a legal duration of 5 years, which is renewable for successive periods of 5 years up to a maximum of 25 years. In addition, the industrial design application and registration allow you to oppose the registration of subsequent designs that are the same or similar to yours.

Transfers and licensing

Industrial designs are industrial property (IP) titles that you can license or assign. Find out more here.

Expiry procedure

Find out in which cases a registered design expires and enters the public domain.



These simple tools and resources will help you take the next steps on the road to industrial property.



Information on the QUALITY initiatives that the SPTO applies in its daily activities, in order to achieve the satisfaction of the users of its services.

Design FAQs

If you still have any doubts, in this section we answer a series of common questions on designs.


Latest news

All the latest design-related news.