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Trademarks and trade names


These are signs that serve to distinguish the goods, services or activities of one undertaking from those of other undertakings. If you have a business, find out what trademarks and trade names are and what the application and management process involves.


How to protect trademarks and trade names

Before registering your trademark or trade name, we recommend that you consult this information.

Información básica


Si quieres saber qué es una marca o un nombre comercial, qué puede registrarse o qué tipos existen, consulta esta sección.

Beneficios de protegerlos


El registro de una marca o de un nombre comercial permite a su titular usarlo en exclusiva e impedir que terceras personas lo usen sin su consentimiento.

Normativa y práctica


Consulta la normativa aplicable a las marcas y a los nombres comerciales, y las guías y prácticas comunes que aplica la oficina en el examen de las solicitudes.

¿Quién puede ayudarnos?


Si quieres asesoramiento especializado puedes consultar con un profesional.


Submit an application

The registration of a trademark or trade name is subject to a number of legal provisions. You should take into account the recommendations before applying.


What to do before applying for a trademark or a trade name

Before applying for your trademark or trade name, it is advisable to check whether there are any other prior parties who may oppose the registration.



Registration procedure

We explain step by step the procedure from applying for the registration to granting or refusal.


Protect your trademark in other countries

If you want your trademark to be protected outside Spain, please consult this section.


Management of trademarks and trade names

Proper management of your trademark or trade name registration is an important factor in maintaining its value.

Maintenance and protection

The registration of the trademark or trade name has a legal duration of 10 years, which is renewable for successive periods of 10 years. In addition, the application and registration of the trademark or trade name allows you to oppose the registration of subsequent signs that may be confused with yours.

Invalidity and revocation proceedings

Administrative invalidity and revocation proceedings are processed before the SPTO. These can be used to obtain a declaration of invalidity or revocation of a registered trademark or trade name.



These simple tools and resources will help you take the next steps on the road to industrial property.



Information on the quality initiatives that the SPTO applies in its daily activities, in order to achieve the satisfaction of the users of its services.


If you still have any doubts, in this section we answer a number of common questions on trademarks and trade names.


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