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Why use our services?


We have been supporting innovation for many years


The SPTO’s Patent Technological Information Services improves the competitiveness of companies and aids research by offering qualitative information and specialised knowledge. We have over 35 years of experience in providing this type of service.


Free of charge or at a reduced price


We support industry and research with highly qualified information and a range of services based on patents published worldwide. Services are provided on a not-for-profit basis, some free of charge and others at very low public prices.


Expert document search services


The SPTO’s most advanced technological information services are our documentary search services for patents, non-patent literature and study of the results. We not only offer our users/clients lists of selected documentary references but also qualitative services based on the information retrieved, providing crucial analysis for decision making.


Experienced and specialised examiners


The SPTO has more than 150 experienced patent examiners; they are science and engineering graduates who have successfully passed the examination and the selective course for SPTO patent examiners. Many have international professional experience, masters and doctorates, and are able to work in several languages alongside English.


They are specialised in all areas of science and technology and also have the training and skills to search for scientific and technological information online.


Furthermore, the SPTO is proud to have been a PCT International Search Authority for more than thirty years, with all the experience and guaranteed good practice that this entails.


Advanced search tools


We have access to the world's leading patent and scientific literature search tools. The SPTO’s Patent Technological Information Unit uses the same advanced search tools as the European Patent Office (EPO) and has access to the most relevant and complete databases in the different areas of science and technology.


Customer focus and quality


We meet customer needs through our quality-conscious, efficient and flexible operations. Our work methodology allows for personalised attention adapted to specific requirements, offering high quality results backed by ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-166006:2011 certification. Ensuring customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.




We guarantee confidentiality. Our services can be requested securely and are performed by patent examiners - public officials bound by law to maintain confidentiality in all their work - following strictly protected procedures.