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How to protect designs


With the industrial design, you can protect your creation for 25 years from the application submission date. The design applied for will be examined by the industrial design examiners to check formal aspects and some substantive aspects.


Industrial design rights are territorial and can be national, European or international.


  • Basic concepts

    Find information on industrial design requirements and ways to protect your creation.

  • Benefits of protecting designs

    By applying for protection of your creation, you will be able to use it exclusively and prevent third parties from using it without your authorisation..

  • Information leaflets

    Useful information on industrial design protection can be found in the information brochures.

  • Find out about regulations and practice

    Consult the regulations applicable to the different forms of protection. You will also find the guidelines for the examination of applications.

  • Who can help you?

    Contact the information service of the SPTO; if necessary, you can ask an industrial design examiner for help. If you want advice you can consult an industrial property agent.

  • Industrial design fees

    When submitting the application you will have to pay different fees. You can use the instalment calculators to help you pay your fees on time.