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One of the roles of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO) is to promote initiatives that help to improve knowledge of industrial property.


Teaching materials

Find material to facilitate teaching and learning of the different industrial property concepts.


Courses and training

The Office works with educational institutions and organisations that promote and spread the importance of industrial property for businesses.

Online training modules

Courses to learn or deepen your knowledge at your own pace and from wherever you want about different aspects of industrial property, patents, trademarks or industrial designs. 

International organisations

Access to industrial property training offered by international organisations.

Long-term courses

Specific training lasting several days on industrial property, patents, trademarks or industrial designs. 


Patents in science

Relevant documentation related to the scientific activity and patents that may arise as a result of this activity. 


Patentes en la actividad científica

Documentación de revelancia relacionada con la actividad científica y las patentes que pueden surgir como consecuencia de esta actividad

Formulario de solicitud de formación/actividad divulgativa

Solicitud de formación o actividad divulgativa en materia de propiedad industrial