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Gracias al Sistema Integrado de Gestión de la Calidad implantado en nuestra oficina, en la OEPM nos comprometemos a aplicar una política de mejora continua y concretamente en el campo de las invenciones, esto se materializa en productos y servicios cada vez mejores gracias además a la aplicación de las mejores prácticas internacionales


European quality framework



  • Download the European Quality Management System

  • Download the European Product Quality Standard



International quality framework



  • Link to download international search and preliminary examination guidelines




The SPTO is ISO 9001:2015 certified in the handling of the following invention processes:


  • National patent application
  • Utility model application
  • Supplementary protection certificate application
  • Registration of licences and transfers of industrial property rights (patents and utility models)
  • Application for reinstatement of rights (patent, utility model, European patent validation and supplementary protection certificate)
  • Validation of a European patent
  • International PCT application, international search report and written opinion and international preliminary examination



Services charters


The services charters are the documents through which the SPTO informs citizens about the services it has been entrusted with, the rights they have in relation to those services and the commitment to ensuring the highest quality in their provision.


In relation to inventions, we currently have three service charters in force in our organisation and we publish monthly monitoring of the quality commitments defined in these service charters.


  • Inventions services charter and follow-ups


Satisfaction survey reports


It is important for the SPTO to meet the needs and expectations of users and to detect possible areas for improvement of services,


In relation to the invention processes, we carry out regular satisfaction surveys on the services offered and we draw up reports with the results obtained, which you can consult below.


  • Satisfaction survey reports