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Technological information


Patents published worldwide are a valuable source of scientific, technical and commercial information. Access this information and the wide range of services offered by the SPTO to facilitate consultation.


What is patent information?

Patent information comprises all information that has been published in patent documents or is part of procedure files. This information can be of a technical, legal or commercial nature. The standardised format of patent documents makes them very easy to consult and the information contained in them is often unique because it is not reproduced in any other type of publication.


Why choose our services


We have over 35 years of experience providing this type of service and a team of more than 150 senior patent examiners specialised in the various branches of science and engineering. We have also been a PCT International Search Authority for over 25 years. We work with the most advanced tools and the most comprehensive databases in the world. Strong protocols guarantee the quality and confidentiality of the service. Our close relationship and continuous dialogue with our users allow us to adapt to the requirements and needs of each case. Some services are free of charge and others are offered at low public prices to promote research and support small and medium-sized enterprise and entrepreneurs.



Public prices

Up-to-date information on current public prices for technological information services that are not free of charge.


Find out about the quality initiatives that the SPTO applies to ensure that the TECHNOLOGICAL INFORMATION services it offers meet the needs of its users.

Folletos informativos de Información tecnológica


Custom consultation

Documentary searches in patent databases and scientific literature, and professional analyses adapted to the needs of each case.


Free technological surveillance


Technological surveillance bulletins

Find out about the most relevant patents published and new developments in various technological sectors on a quarterly basis.


Technological alerts

Access the latest patents published around the world on a wide range of technologies.