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Find out about industrial property


Discover how to take your idea to market in Spain or abroad by protecting your innovations through the different types of industrial property.


General information


All you need to know about industrial property

What is industrial property and what can be protected?

Discover the protection rights that will help you grow your business.

Who can help you?

Rely on experts and professionals to apply for industrial property titles and provide you with legal advice.

Internationalising your industrial property

You can protect your innovations internationally. Here's how.



Information leaflets, periodicals, monographs, books, studies, articles and guides on industrial property.

Useful addresses and links

Links to other national and international organisations and institutions in the field of industrial property law.


Legislation and case law

Find out about the rules, decisions and rulings related to the different industrial property rights.


Find answers to all your questions about industrial property.



Awareness-raising actions for the proper use of and respect for industrial property rights.



Collections on different topics related to industrial property rights.


Industrial property success stories

Examples of Spanish companies and institutions whose efforts to invest in R&D and its strategic management and protection have helped them boost their businesses.



Women inventors

Gallery of Spanish women inventors who have made great advances in the field of science and technology.


Protection of industrial property at fairs and exhibitions

Information for exhibiting companies on the steps to follow when participating in Spanish fairs and exhibitions to avoid risks and infringements of their industrial property rights.