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FAQ Designs

A registered community design or model gives the holder the exclusive right to use it in all European Union member states and prevents third parties for using it without their consent.

If the European Union is enlarged in the future, the scope of every registered or requested Community drawing or model would be automatically extended to include the new enlarged territory, without owners having to present a further application or pay an additional fee.

Applications can either be submitted directly to the EUIPO (personally or using the online e-filing service) or at the national industrial property offices.

The cost of registering a Community drawing/model is 350 euros, and the fees applied cover registering, publishing and postponing, and vary according to the number of drawings and models included in the application. €350 is the minimum fee for a single design.

A registered Community Design is protected initially for a period of five years and can be renewed for five year periods up to a maximum of 25 years, from the date the application is submitted.

Detailed information on this system can be found on the web page

International Design falls within a system of International Registration of Designs for countries signed up to the Hague Agreement which comprises the 1934 and 1960 Acts and the Geneva Act of 1999. Application of the 1934 Act was suspended on 1 January 2010.

The Hague Agreement ensures the simplification and unification of a series of procedures such as the formal examination and publication with the aim of obtaining a register for each of the countries with the same rights and obligations as for a national design.

Protection can be obtained in a great many countries with a single application, in a single language and paying a single fee in Swiss Francs. . It is also worth mentioning that an International Design Registration is easier to manage than several national designs, both in terms of renewals and in terms of changes to holders or representatives. In short, it is simpler to obtain protection in other countries and also to subsequently manage said protection.

Individuals or companies with Spanish nationality or resident in Spain or owning real and effective industrial or commercial premises in Spain may apply to the SPTO for an International Design Registration.

If this is done via the SPTO, the application for an International Design Registration involves a transmission fee independently of the fees that should be paid to the International Office.

The International Registration will be valid for an initial period of five years from the International Registration date. The registration can be renewed for additional periods of five years until the period established by the legislation of each Designated Contracting Party has expired.

The WIPO web page contains more detailed information on this syste:

DIRECTAMENTE país por país, depositando las correspondientes solicitudes en cada uno de los países en los que se quiere registrar el diseño.



A completed application form, confirmation of payment of fees and a graphical representation of each design.

Between 1 and 7 perspectives or views can be included and can be grouped into the same reproduction, which should measure no more than 26.2 x 17 cm.

This reproduction should be affixed or printed on separate sheets, or on the page provided in the form given to applicants.